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H.I.P.H.O.P. (Homeless & Indigent Population Health Outreach Project)

HIPHOP Steering Committee 2017-2018


The Homeless & Indigent Population Health Outreach Project (HIPHOP) is our opportunity as health care professional students to empower our future patients. Our programs range from shadowing at St John's Clinic to teaching high school students about HIV prevention to attending chemotherapy treatments with cancer patients; the common link for all our programs is that they allow us to reach out to the community. The programs offered through HIPHOP, both within the required curriculum and outside of the required curriculum, allow students to engage in a unique service learning opportunity where the surrounding community becomes the classroom. Our books and lectures will make us health professionals but our involvement in the community can help make us healers.

Program Coordinator

Susan Giordano


Student Director

Heming Zhao

PAIR Elective Coordinator

Valeriya Gershteyn

Student Research Coordinator and General Manager

Brittany Baptiste

Clinic Project Student Coordinator

Tara Dhawan

Health Workshop Student Coordinators

Christine Cha

Fernando Ferrera

Elective Student Coordinators

Brittany Martinez

Florence Dasrath

Victor Mensah

Project Outreach Student Coordinator

Marielle Daclan

Lori Fingerhut